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Harvest 2015

Double the fun in 2016

After eight years of being in business, I truly feel like I have found the Sunburnt Country sweet spot. It’s a bloody good feeling. So it’s only timely to shake things up, escalate the challenge and throw some more babies in the mix! Ahh life is a funny thing isn’t it…

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Let’s talk about brand YOU

YOU are a brand. Yes, you. You are the CEO of brand YOU. Have you ever thought of yourself that way? If not, then right now is the time to start. Your personal brand is your reputation; it’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room; it’s the sum total of all […]

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Work-at-home Mum

11 tips for work-at-home Mums (and Dads)

With Mother’s Day just a few days away this post is for the Mums (and Dads!) that work-from-home with children. I know people that have mastered the art and by contrast I am a rookie, but in the hope that my insights might help, here’s what I know so far about running a business from […]

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Who are you going to be?

Hello! It’s great to be blogging again after quite some time! I am now working part time and reveling in my multiple roles, with constant adjusting as I go. I’ve been stuck on this blog post for a while, until I finally worked out why. I was fearful. Then I decided to be courageous and […]

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Life’s little surprises

When you last heard from me I was preparing to write my final blog post before easing into some time off to await the arrival of our first child. As it turned out, life had other plans!…

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To blog or not to blog? Thoughts on blogging

To blog or not to blog? This question crosses the minds and lips of many business owners as blogging becomes more commonplace. It’s a topic I am frequently asked for my perspective on so I’ve decided to share it with you here…

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baby toes

A whole new year, a whole new world

The beginning of a whole new year heralds the soon-to-be beginning of a whole new world in our household – parenthood. Sunburnt Country Consulting will go into dormancy while I have a maternity break from the end of February. As I sit here rubbing my tummy, I wonder…

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Heading into a New Year

Reflect, review, refocus

At this time of year it is important to make time for reflection and planning, in equal measure. Perhaps you’ve been charging headlong into Christmas with little time or focus on this yet. If that’s the case, be sure to schedule reflection and planning time in January instead. Over the break and during the first […]

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My time to shine

What’s your theme?

It seems to be in our nature, or conditioning, or both, to reassess and seek to make change at this time of year. Behind this is the motivation to start a new year with clear vision, fresh goals and renewed vigour. With this in mind, I’d like to lay down a challenge…

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To do list

6 tips to overcome end-of-year overwhelm

I’ve been guilty of it in the last week and it’s popping up with a number of my clients – the nasty fleeting sensation or, in some cases, an ongoing state of feeling overwhelmed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in or outside your business in the lead up to Christmas and end-of-year, here are my top […]

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