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Being a brand to believe in is a major key to business success.

A brand to believe in is a brand that people care about, buy into (with their hearts and minds, not just their wallet), develop loyalty towards and ideally grow to love. That people have an emotional connection with your brand and care enough to come back next time, or even better, develop long term loyalty to your brand, should be the ultimate goal of your brand building efforts.

Your brand is at the heart of your business and it should underpin all of your business activities. The way I look at it is that your brand is WHAT YOU ARE and it’s made up of these six elements:

  1. Why you are:  your purpose, your vision
  2. What you stand for:  your values
  3. What you deliver:  your products and services, how you provide value and difference, the experience you deliver
  4. Who you care about:  your customers, your community
  5. How you behave:  your actions, what you say and how you say it
  6. How you look:  your name and tagline, your design

As you can see, your brand isn’t just about your logo. And your brand isn’t just what you say it is. Each of the elements above, and their sum total, influence how people feel about your brand, what they believe and what they will tell someone else about it. What they believe and then share can build loyalty and advocacy that adds enormous value to your brand. It’s vital that you’re giving them a brand story worth sharing!

Your brand story includes the stories you tell about your business but it’s more than that; it’s everything you do that adds up to what people believe about you based on the signals your brand sends. A brand story is the foundation of your brand and a great brand story will make you stand out, increase brand awareness, create customer loyalty and power profits.

Building a brand to believe in begins with your brand story and a strategy. This is where I come in!

Work with me

I work with brands at every stage of their development, from startups who are shaping a complete culture to established brands who are realigning their positioning. It doesn’t matter if you’re a book store or an agribusiness, a consultant or online retailer, you have a unique story to tell and I can help you to tell it.

I would love to work with you to assess where your brand is at now and help set you on the path to where you need to be. Based on the six elements, together we will EXPLORE and CREATE a brand to believe in and develop a brand strategy to MARKET and MAINTAIN it.

Recommended for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup businesses
  • Businesses or organisations wanting to rebrand

Contact me for an initial obligation-free conversation about where you’re at and how we might work together. Building a better business starts with building a strong brand.

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