Business Coaching


Are you:

  • An entrepreneur with a big idea that you’d like to take to the world but you’re not sure how
  • A startup business wanting to get off to a strong start
  • Facing a crossroad or hitting a brick wall in your business
  • Looking for direction, motivation or re-invigoration
  • After a sounding board who is external to your family or business
  • Seeking greater productivity and profitability in your business

If any of the above describe you, or you simply want someone to be an ongoing partner in proactively building a better business, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s having someone to bounce an idea off or do some hard core business planning with, every business owner needs a hand from time to time. There is no issue too big or small to bring to coaching as the coaching partnership is centred on your business goals, outcomes and change. Coaching can be undertaken individually, in groups or teams, according to your situation and desired result.

As your business coach I am dedicated to your business success. I’m right in it with you, while at the same time an external, objective ear and voice to listen and ask the hard questions that need to be asked. During coaching we will focus on the issues that are most important to you and that will make the biggest difference in your business. You are the driver so that we’re using your time for optimum results.

As a Coach I have helped business clients to:

  • Get unstuck when they feel stuck
  • Create and implement business plans and marketing plans
  • Make big decisions and changes and see them through
  • Gain clarity, vision and focus
  • Design the business they want and make it happen
  • Turn ideas into reality
  • Build their client base and profile
  • Target their ideal clients
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and profitability
  • Create and implement brand strategies
  • Stay on track and reconnect with their passion
  • Get the best from their teams
  • Design and define their vision, purpose and values
  • Develop and implement business systems
  • Overcome challenges
  • Find harmony between business and life outside of business
  • Identify and achieve their goals

I work with rural businesses and organisations because it’s the industry and environment that I live and breathe and I also believe there is a shortfall in access to coaching services in the bush. I’ve lived in rural Qld and NSW communities and been involved in agriculture all my life. I’ve been in business for myself for over seven years (read my story here), always been involved in family farming businesses and been a part of my clients’ businesses varying in size from soloists to larger corporations. I understand the unique issues that shape and influence rural people, businesses and communities.

While it can be highly rewarding (and hopefully is!), I know full well how isolating and challenging it can be to run a business in the bush – especially when things aren’t going to plan or you lose your way. Through my business I’ve been fortunate to have great success but I’ve also been up some dry gullies! I’ve had two business coaches who have helped me in different ways at different times. Both have been pivotal in my business journey and where I am today (read more here). I would go so far as to say that my coaching experiences have been life changing.

Many business people will attest to the benefits of coaching, including myself. It’s my goal to help as many rural businesses to achieve their potential as I can, without the price tag of city-based coaching. I hope that we can have the opportunity to work together to build your business.

If coaching interests you but you’d like to explore it further before making a decision, please speak to me about a complimentary 45 minute discovery session to begin with.

Business coaching packages

I offer four options for businesses or organisations seeking coaching. Coaching sessions take place in person, by phone or skype. If you’d like a customised coaching package for you, your team or staff we can make that happen – please ask.

Please contact me for package pricing and availability.

If you’d like to test the waters with coaching without making a commitment upfront; get in touch to arrange a complimentary and obligation-free 45 minute discovery session.

#1 Block of six intensive

If you’re looking to focus on an area of your business and make change right away this is the package for you. Over six confidential coaching conversations we will drill down, explore, focus and create actionable steps that I will support you with to achieve your goals. Great for startup businesses to ensure you get off to a strong start!

Details: Six 45 minute coaching sessions taken a fortnight apart over a three-four month period, with phone and email support from me as needed. 3-4 month program.

#2 Monthly one-on-one

Consider me as part of your team with a monthly coaching conversation that will keep you motivated, disciplined, heading in the direction you want to go and kicking goals in your business! You choose the area we focus on each month; this is all about supporting your success and you and your business being at your best all year round.

Details: One 45 minute coaching session per month for a half year (six sessions) OR full year (12 sessions), with phone and email support from me as needed. 6 or 12 month program (you choose).

#3 Quarterly check-in

So you start the year all fired up with big plans and big intentions, yet, somehow, a few months on you’re too busy ‘in’ your business to make time to work ‘on’ it. Sound familiar? This package is for you. A coaching session locked into your diary gives you permission to step away from the busy-ness of your business and focus on what’s important. Our sessions will be supercharged, results-oriented and highly focused. This is suited to business owners who like the idea of ‘checking in’ with a coach to stay on track for business longevity and success.

Details: Two initial 45 minute coaching sessions, followed by three 1.5 hour sessions taken quarterly (i.e. 3 months apart). 12 month program.

#4 One-offs

One-off 45 minute coaching sessions are available for clients whom I have coached before. One-offs are specific and all about you – coaching when and as you need it! As needed, no commitment.


My coaching pledge:

I listen. Really listen.

I will challenge.

I will ask the hard questions.

I am your sounding board.

I will take you out of your comfort zone.

I will hold you accountable for what you say you’ll do.

I will believe in you.

I will hold a vision for you.

I care. A lot.

I get it.

I hold myself to the highest of ethical standards in the practice of coaching, adhering to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics, which you may view here.


“Working in collaboration with Benita as my business coach has really opened my eyes to my business potential. Benita has helped me to bring focus and structure to my business, and she has helped me articulate and plan to reach a clear business vision with some exciting goals along the way. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Benita. She has really taken the time to understand my business and has challenged and helped to guide me to make some significant changes, which are already reaping great rewards for the future of my business. Benita shows a great level of dedication and pride in seeing her clients achieve and grow, which makes working with Benita so great.”     Alison Hamilton, AJM Livestock Solutions, Wagga Wagga


Proven Rural Business Gains with Coaching

Coaching may be more familiar in the corporate world but there’s no doubt that it’s also finding its place in rural Australia. It works just as well out in the paddock as it does in skyscrapers, and producers have plenty to gain.

Research funded by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries has shown that a little help – in the form of business coaching – can significantly improve producers’ lives.

Lessons learned from the research project, which ran for 10 months, included:

  • Someone who is skilled and independent can be a great sounding board.
  • The coaching process keeps you accountable to your goals.
  • Being challenged by a coach puts you outside your comfort zone – in a good way.
  • One-on-one coaching provides the opportunity to talk about the ‘nitty gritty’ financial issues that would never be raised in a group situation.
  • Business coaching is a worthwhile business investment.

Click here to read what some of the producers involved in the project said.


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